AL-Khalaf, Abdullah M, The Impact of the Discrepancies Between Managers' and the Impact of the Discrepancies Between Managers' and Employees' Perceptions on TQM Implementation

Anning, M, Quality Assurance - The Legal Implications

Bell J, Integrated Business Management Systems - (Beyond Quality / OHS / Environment)

Delzoppo, L, Compliance - The EPA's Perspective

Garrigan, E, Clinical Risk Management in a Corporate Framework

Hockin R J, Quality and the Human Spirit: Spiritual Commitment and the Pursuit of Excellence

Lang D J, Workplace Health and Safety - Avoid The Pitfalls

Qualcon 2001 Papers
(NB Some of the PowerPoint Presentations turned themselves on their sides when converted to .pdf files. There is a feature in PowerPoint that allows you to flip the image)

Anderson, E, Holcim Group Support Ltd, Switzerland, Holcim - A Faster Learning Organisation

Bell S, SIMTARS, 3rd Party Certification is Essential

Burton T, Hunt & Hunt, Checking the Checkers: The Developing Law of Auditors' Liability

Cameron K, AQUAS, Certification Does Not Win Business

Carmody, M, Quality Society of Australasia, QSA. Engaging Our Markets

Craven A: JAS-ANZ, Accreditation Certification Confidence

Coelho F, The University of Central Queensland, Integrated Management Systems and Performance Evaluation-A Case Study in Brazil (about 1.1Mb file)

Gwynne M, Business Thinking Systems, Business Coaching Explored and Explained: What they do, why and when you would need one, and what makes a good business coach?

Hansen A, Queensland Health, Improving Business in Queensland Health

Harbert S, Vice Chair - Australian Organisation for Quality Qld Inc, Organisational Alignment - a Model and Case Study

Hitchins R, Qualpro, Community Organisations and the Applicability of ISO 9001: 2000-Equating Organisational Constitutions with International Management Systems

Holland K, K H Consulting LTD, ISO 9001:2000 - A Business Benefit?

Keim E, Integrated Quality Resources, The Statistical Nature of Six Sigma

Kwok D, Philip Crosby Associates, Moving to the Right of the Quality Spectrum

Lee R, Health Services of Australia, Health Services in the Corporate Sector

Maslen C, Queensland Risk Management Consultants, Risk Management Insurance and Business Continuity -What Has Changed Since September 11

Sargent M, M A Sargent & Associates, Evolving Standards for Quality in e-Commerce

Sharp B, The Systems 3 Group Pty LTD, Adding Value to Management System Audits (about 1Mb file)

Smith B, Sci-Qual International, The New ISO Standard - Which auditors will survive ?

Smith B, SCI-QUAL International Pty Limited and Wee-Chong Wong, QTI (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, SQMS : 2000 - An Integrated Safe Quality Management System (About 750Kb file)

Smith F, Suncorp Metway and Simon A, Spherion, Attracting and Retaining Talent-Achieving Thorough Employee Commitment

Soresnon, J, Qbuild Department of Public Works, The Gold Award for Quality

Urquhart J and Ellis D, Griffith University, Benchmarking Technical Services

Ward M, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Balanced Scorecard in Health (About 1 Mb file)

Winterberg L, Chief Quality Officer, San Jose Medical Center, San Francisco, USA, What About Quality in Healthcare?_Part 1 (About 1.2Mb file)

Winterberg L, Chief Quality Officer, San Jose Medical Center, San Francisco, USA, What About Quality in Healthcare?-Part 2 (About 1 Mb file)

Winterberg L, San Jose Medical Center, San Francisco, Creating a Culture of Safety in Healthcare

Wraight R, Standards Australia, Latest Developments in Quality

Wright D and Vecchio M, Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited-AGPAL, Development of Standards in Primary Health Care - Moving the Quality Curve to the Right - The Challenge

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